Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sugarbox is bacK!

Hello My lovely customers, 
See You with another update soon... Hope you like the new images :D

Superman cupcakes
12 aed each

Spiderman cake
10-15 ppl
320 aed

Hello Kitty cake
10-15 ppl
320 aed

Lion/balloons birthday cupcakes
12 aed each

Dora cake (flat)
10-15 ppl
320 aed

Crown cake (flat)
10-15 ppl
320 aed

Flower cake 
25-30 ppl
600 aed

Shape "A" cake
15-20 ppl
450 aed

Zodiac cake (2 layers- 16/12 inches)
50 ppl
850 aed


Butter said...


Anonymous said...

nice.. but if u write the prices below each picture a7san.

good luck 5aytooo

ْْ~wildredrose~ْ said...

niiiice 7 i hope to coopirate with u soooon i like ur jop