Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sugarbox Now Open in Sharjah!

Sugarbox is Now Open in Al Qasba
From:10 am to Midnight-Saturday to Thursday
3 pm to Midnight-Friday
Cupcakes, Mini cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Desserts in glasses and of course our Signiture Truffles!
We also Serve LavazZa Coffees and Teas: Cafe Latte, Capuccino, Espresso, and different flavoured Teas.

See u there!

"Sugarbox, the only Legal Addiction!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sugarbox NOW OPEN!

Hello Sugarboxers, 
At Last! Sugarbox Now Open!
Covent Garden Market@The Walk - Jumeira Beach Residence 
Opposite Paul Cafe.  
From Wed 30th Sept to Thur 29th April 2010
Every Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm- Midnight 

Sugarbox will be Selling Cupcakes and Chocolate truffles only.  

*click on the picture on the left for a larger view of the flyer*

See U There!!!  

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Its past the middle of ramadan and getting closer to the amazing Eid Al Fitr,
hope ure all in good health...

Alot of ppl have been asking me for pics of the cheesecakes we make so please click this link :

I've noticed that cheesecakes are very popular for ramadan and Eid ... so dont miss it ;)

The Flavors we have are:
(mini cheesecakes 12 AED )
(Big size cheesecake, serves 10-15 ppl 320 AED)

  • snickers
  • oreo
  • chocolate
  • strawberry
  • blueberry
  • mars
  • peanut butter swirl
  • blackforest
  • coconut
  • crunchie
Also as u can see below we've got new flavors for the
Truffles and altogether the following are the flavors:-
- box of 2 truffles - 8 aed
- box of 6 truffles (small)- 20 aed
- box of 18 truffles (medium)- 60aed
- box of 36 truffles(large)- 20aed
- Truffle tray (100 pcs including tray)- 450 aed
  • Red velvet
  • Date
  • vanilla
  • marble
  • mocha
  • biscuit
  • milk choco biscuit
  • rich chocolate
  • Oreo ( Either dipped in white chocolate or milk chocolate)
For Cupcake Flavors:-
regular cupcakes - 12 aed
mini cupcakes - 5 aed
topper cupcakes- 14 aed
3D cupcakes- 17 aed
for Swirl cupcake pics click here
  • Marble cake with buttercream frosting NEW
  • Nutella Cupcakes with Marshmallows NEW
  • Lemon Cupcakes with lemon frosting NEW
  • red velvet with cream cheese frosting
  • devil's food with marshmallow frosting
  • vanilla with buttercream frosting
  • chocolate chip with buttercream frosting
  • carrot with cream cheese frosting
  • banana
  • saffron cupcakes with saffron buttercream frosting
  • date cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  • Lavender cupcakes with lavender buttercream frosting (NEW)

  • Desserts in glasses (Mini glasses)
    (mini glasses 6 aed )
    • tiramisu
    • chocolate mousse
    • oreo cheesecake in a glass
    • mars cheesecake in a glass
    • white chocolate toblerone cheesecake
    • Raspberry parfait
    Enjoyyy :D

    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Ramadan Kareem!

    Hello Sugarbox'ers, 
    Ramadan Kareem All ... 
    We're back with another update... 
    not too many pics but there will be another update really soon! :D

    First i would like to mention the new flavors we have :
    - Nutella cupcakes with nutella filling (everyone's favorite) and marshmallows on top !
    (of course if u dont like marshmallows we can do it without.. its your choice)
    - Lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting  

    - Rich chocolate
    - Date
    - Vanilla 
    - Marble
    - Biscuit 
    - Milk chocolate biscuit 

    The older flavors we still serve are: Oreo truffles and red velvet truffles 

    Also we've got the Ramadan Decorations ... :D 

    We will soon be having more flavors .. keep checking for updates ;)
    Thanks All :D

    A selection of the new truffles 

    Ramadan Cupcakes 

     Minu nutella cupcakes with marshmallows

    Monsters Inc cake 

    Thursday, June 4, 2009

    Sugarbox Updates ^_^

    Hello Sugarbox'ers, 
    We are back with more updates ...
    1st of all ... we have new boxes for our mouth watering truffles... which are plain white and can be wrapped with a ribbon .. either sugarbox colors... lime green and grey or if you want the color of your choice.  
    - box of 6 truffles (small)- 20 aed 
    - box of 18 truffles (medium)- 55 aed 
    - box of 36 truffles(large)- 100 aed 

    2nd of all... i would like to tell the customers who order through the chatbox... please order through email because the chatbox is not checked everyday.. this is to your convenience...
    please provide these details when you email us with an order
    - Name
    - mobile phone number
    - your order
    - location
    - date and preferred time for delivery

    If you have any inquiries about any cakes you can email or sms your mobile number and name and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

    3rdly i would like to inform our customers that we will not accept cancellation of any order 1 day before as it would be a waste especially with big orders. 
    - For orders 1000 aed or more we would require a 50% deposit.
    - If a customer changes the date or cancels 24 hrs before delivery or less ... there will be an extra charge. 

    and save the best for last... the latest pictures of our cakes ...Enjoy... there's more coming very soon ... unfortunately the internet is being very slow its kinda taking a while to upload the pics.  
    again.. ENJOY...!

    3D Animal cupcakes
    15 aed each

    Dora cake 
    8 inch (round cake) with candy toppers
    365 aed

    Tinkerbell cake
    30-40 ppl
    675 aed

    Spongebob cake
    8 inch (round cake)
    320 aed

    Cat cake
    6/8 inches round cake (2 layers)
    25 ppl
    575 aed

    Louis Vuitton bag cake (3D)
    10-15 ppl
    450 aed

    Chanel bag cake (3D)
    10-15 ppl
    450 aed
    Baby girl cupcakes 
    15 aed each

    Castle cake (with toys)
    670 aed

    Arabic Family cake 
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Barney cake 
    20 ppl 
    410 aed

    Arsenal cupcakes
    15 aed each

    Butterfly cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed each

    Arabic name cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed each

    Bikini cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Baby Girl cake
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Hello Kitty cake
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Spiderman cake
    20 ppl
    410 aed

    Spiderman/Superman cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Hello Kitty cake
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Ben 10/Batman cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Heart Cake 
    10-15 ppl
    380 aed

    Ben 10 cake
    20 ppl
    480 aed

    Hello Kitty cake (2 layers)
    450 aed

    Hulk cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Hello Kitty cake
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    More Cakes...

    Car cake (flat)
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Spiderman cake
    10-15 ppl
    320 aed

    Dora cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed each

    Mini cupcakes with toppers
    5 aed each

    Birthday cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed

    Dora cake (standing)
    10-15 ppl
    365 aed

    Monsters Inc. cake
    15-20 ppl
    450 aed

    Gift cake 
    10-15 ppl
    420 aed

    2 layer cake (8/6 inches)
    15-20 ppl
    520 aed

    Cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed

    Chocolate cake with butterflies
    10-15 ppl
    440 aed

    Girly cupcakes (toppers)
    12 aed each

    Engagement cupcakes 
    15 aed each

    Cars cupcakes
    15 aed each

    Cars cake (3D) 
    10 ppl
    465 aed

    Snow white cake
    15-20 ppl
    450 aed

    Hello Kitty cake (standing)
    10-15 ppl
    365 aed

    18th Birthday cake
    10-15 ppl
    450 aed

    Dora cake (2 layers- 8/6inches)
    15-20 ppl
    465 aed

    Book cake
    15-20 ppl
    480 aed

    Arabic boy cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Arabic boys and Abood (Freej) cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Nemo cake (toppers)
    15-20 ppl
    500 aed

    Bratz cake with mini square cakes
    40 ppl
    720 aed

    Pink poodle cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Che guevara cupcakes
    12 aed each

    Hello Kitty cake (2 layer)
    465 aed

    Mini wedding cakes (3 layers)
    55 aed each