Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Back With More Cakes!... :)

Caricature cake (flat)
350 aed

Car cake (3D)
10 ppl
440 aed

Ed Hardy cake(Flat)
10-15 ppl
320 aed

Teletubbies cake (3D)
30 ppl
580 aed

Dora cake (Standing)
10-15 ppl
365 aed

Dora cupcakes (toppers)
12 aed each

Bee cupcakes 
12 aed each

Baby boy cake
10-15 ppl
365 aed

Animal cupcakes (3D)
15 aed each

1 comment:

Vivime said...

Ma sha allah very talented~
If I werent going to travel in four days I would have ordered!